Cave of Ashab-i Kahf (The Cave of the Seven Sleepers)

Location, timeframe and number of Ashab-i Kahf is not mentioned in Quran, pertaining details given here are taken from other sources. Different sources give different location for the Cave, some say it is situated in Jordan, Syria, Yemen, Turkey, Afghanistan and even in Spain.

Date Landscape Notes Reference
c. 250 CE "The Seven Sleepers of Ephesus Discovered by Alexander the Great", Folio from a Falnama (Book of Omens)

The seven sleepers of Ephesus, Folio from a Dispersed Nuzhatnama, 1550
Met Museum
The green dome covers the purported cave of Ashab in China, it is situated near Toyuq Mosque near the city of Turpan in China N/A
The facade and the main entrance to the cave in Jordan. To the left of the entrance is an ancient olive tree. At one time a small church was built on top of the cave; this was converted to a mosque with the mihrab still being visible above the entrance. N/A
The cave of the Seven Sleepers in Ephesus Turkey N/A
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