Burial Chamber of Teti's Pyramid

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The Burial Chamber of Teti's Pyramid is a


Architectural Details

circa 2300 BCE

The walls of the burial chamber are decorated with the "pyramid texts" and the ceiling is decorated with gold stars against a dark blue background, reflecting the ancient Egyptian notion of the tomb as a microcosm of the universe. The burial chamber along with the antechamber is covered with huge vaulted rafters.

The north and south walls of the burial chamber and antechamber now exist mostly as disjointed fragments. The north wall of the burial chamber contained the inscriptions of the "Offering Ritual", though not in its entirity, carved in several registers.

circa 2300 BCE

The burial chamber contains an unfinished sarcophagus, a fragment of a lid and a canopic container that is nothing more than a simple hole in the ground. And for the first time, a royal sarcophagus contains inscriptions, here slightly etched on the hollow interior of the vessel. The sarcophagus of Teti stood against the west wall of the burial chamber along with the funerary equipment. The sarcophagus of Teti is carved out of either greywacke or basalt rock.

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