as-Salam Gate (Bab-i as-Salam)

Bab e Salam (Gate No. 1) is one of the major gates of Masjid al-Nabawi, and is located on the wetern side of the Rawda e Rasool. Originally built by Caliph Omar circa 640 CE (18 Hj.) in the western wall of the mosque. During the various extensions of the mosque, this door was also moved westward in the same line and today it is not in its original location.

Date Landscape Notes Reference
Bab as-Salam, Masjid al-Nabawi as-Salam Gate (Bab as-Salam)
c. 1910 CE Old Bab as-Salam, Masjid al-Nabawi View of Bab as-Salam from Bab as-Salam Square, circa 1900 CE
Bab as-Salam Minaret, Masjid al-Nabawi Bab as-Salam Minaret (middle) and the Bab as-Salam, to the far left is the Bab al-Rehmah and the smaller gate between the two is Bab-i abi-Bakr
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