Ark of Noah (Kasht-i Nuh As)

Ark of Noah (Kasht-i Nuh As) is a vessel that, as told in Christian, Islamic and Rabbinic tradition, Hazrat Nuh As built to evade the Great Flood. Quran does not mention any details about the vessel or the flood itself only a general description of the incident is mentioned, on the other hand Bible gives a very detailed and dynamic picture of the incident including vessel's size and severity of the deluge.

Date Landscape Notes Reference
c. 4000 BCE A Mughal miniature painting from the Stories of the Prophets. Nuh (Noah) seated in the upper right corner, while the animals are gathered in the middle and lower decks, the men are seen tending to the ship and rescuing. Turkish Archives
c. 4000 BCE A replica of Noah's Ark based on biblical narrative of the Deluge (The Great Flood). According to Bible the Ark was 300 cubits long, 50 wide and 30 high, and roof finished to a cubit upwards. Wikipedia
c. 4000 BCE Subsiding of the Waters of the Deluge, Thomas Cole (oil painting, 1834) Wikipedia
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