al-Madhana al-Hamra (Red Minaret Mosque)

By the Editors of the Madain Project

al-Madhana al-Hamra (المئذنة الحمراء) is one of the first Ottoman monuments in the city of Jerusalem, built circa 1533 CE (940 Hj.). It is named after the minaret, which was built with red stone. It built of stone in red and white (the precious stone) and has a gate in its wall north. The southern wall of the small mosque, which measures 9x4 square meters only, hosts a beautiful mihrab.

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circa 150 CE

Located in the al-Saadiyya street by the line of the red minaret, halfway between the Bustami and Shaddad junctions, and adjacent to the Sheikh Reihan shrine. It can reach through the entrance to the gate of the watch or through pain. The ceiling of the mosque encircled by a cross-steeple dome with an astral dome.

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