al-Khanqah al-Salahiyya Mosque (Jerusalem)

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The al-Khanqah al-Salahiyya Mosque (مسجد الخانقاه الصلاحية‎) is a small mosque, located in the Christian Quarter of the Old City of Jerusalem.

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According to tradition, Salah ul-Din sat for Aiteqaf here during his stay in Jerusalem in 1189 CE. The minaret of the of Mosque was the only place in Jerusalem where a Palestinian flag could be seen, it was removed in 2009.

Brief History

circa 1189 CE

After the Crusader surrender of Jerusalem in 1187 to Saladin, it was established as a waqf. Alhanka Alzalahhiyeh Mosque; the place was used during the Crusader period as the Latin Patriarch's residence and after the conquest of Jerusalem by Salah a-Din the building was appropriated and consecrated in approx. 1189 as a Hanka, that is, a hostel for Sufi mystics.


circa 1189 CE

Memorial plaque
A marble plaque, mentions Salah ul-Din stayed here during the Ramazan of 585 H. (1189 CE), and offered prayers in this mosque and probably sat for Aiteqaf. The center courtyard of the mosque is the tomb of Sheikh Mohammed Ibn AlMaati Amin Elalmi who served the mosque's Sheikh and Imam and died in 1991. At the Northern end of Christians St.

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