al Fasah Mosque

Remains of the masjid Fasah, also known as Masjid e Uhud, are situated at the foot of the mountain below the cave of Uhud. On the day of Uhud battle the Prophet Muhammad and His companions had offered Dhuhr prayer here. Although the old structure of Masjid is ruined, signs of the walls and Mehrab (pulpit) are still visible.


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circa 1760 CE

Remains of the exterior walls of the mosque, although Ghazwa-i Uhad took place in 625 CE, the mosque was built much later about 1000 years later. The Jameh Sayyed al-Shohada and the Uhud Cemetery is located about 700 meters to the south. The building is now surrounded by an iron fence to guard its sustainability. It is 4.5 km from al-Masjid an-Nabawi. According to a tradition the verse 11 of Surah Mujadilah was revealed at this site, hence the name Masjid al-Fas'h.

circa 1760 CE

Remains of the mehrab and the adjacent walls, it was perhaps originally built by Umar bin Abdul Aziz during his governorship of Madinah but the structure is Ottoman. Initial construction was already destroyed and there are only few remnants of the east, west and south wall, and the mihrab mujawwaf which is still visible. It was built with the abundant black volcanic stones in the area.

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