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al-Aqeeq Valley

al-Aqeeq Valley (وادي العقيق), also spelled as Aqiq, is one of the most famous valleys of Medina, where the water gathers from Al-Naqi’e area, over 100km away from Medina to the south. It is adjacent to the outskirts of Medina, reaching Mount Eir. This part of it is called the Upper Aqiq. Bukhari has narrated on the authority of Ibn Khattab that the al-Aqeeq is a blessed valley. One of the gates of Masjid Nabawi (Bab al-Aqeeq) is also named after this valley.


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circa 1800 CE

Al-Aqeeq was once on ancient trade and pilgrim routes and has a significant role in Arabian history. A number of inscriptions discovered in the area are related to early Islamic history between the first and third centuries after the Hijra. As it was in the history the Wadi al-Aqiq is still a major water source for the entire Baha Province, and is replete with valleys spotted with green farms. Askoubi mentions that there are several historical, geographical and religious sources that spoke volumes about the significance of the valley in ancient times.

circa 1800 CE

Then it flows to the west of Mount Eir, and passes through Thul Hulaifa, until it reach the end of Eir, to turn eastwards and meet Bathan Valley near the Qiblatain area. Then heads north-west a little, then north, to meet Qanat Valley, coming from the east of Medina at Zaghaba area.

circa 1800 CE

Al-Aqiq Valley floods in winter like a large river. Hadiths mention that Al-Aqiq is a blessed valley. In Sahih Al-Bukhari there is a chapter entitled “The saying of the Prophet (PBUH) “Al-Aqiq is a blessed valley”, which contains a Hadith, quoting Omar bin Al-Khattab, God bless him, as saying: “I heard the Prophet (PBUH) at Al-Aqiq Valley, saying: “A messenger came to me tonight from my God, and said: “Pray at this blessed valley.” At the reign of Omar bin Al-Khattab, God bless him, the floor of the Prophet's Mosque was covered with soft gravels from Al-Aqiq ground.

circa 1800 CE

Most notable and best preserved structure in the al-Aqeeq Valley is the Qasr Urwah ibn Zubair. The fertile land in the valley was also good for farming and had several gardens so the valley hosted several castles that belonged to prominent figures in the early Islamic history, including several of Prophet Muhammad's companions such as Saeed Bin Al-Aas, Marwan Bin Al-Hakam, and Saad Bin Abi Waqas, besides the castle of Sakeena, daughter of Hussein, and farms of Abu Hurairah. According to tradition Urwah bin Zubair purchased a portion of Khawwat bin Jubair's and converted it into a farm and also built a large fort on it, which still stands today.