Ahi'el Ostracon (A)

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The ostracon is one of the two shards of pottery found in the House of Ahi'el, that bears the name of Ahi'el. The script on the shard has five partial lines and is written in an early Hebrew script dating to the seventh century BCE.

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This small piece of pottery testifies to one who witnessed the sacking of Jerusalem and subsequent exile of its captives. The person who wrote this text witnessed this event. Remains of the house of Ahiel belonging to a man named Ahiel, as seen from the east.

The script reads (translation may not be accurate) from right to left
belongs to
Ahi'el (Acht)
Ahi'el (Acht)
Inside (TS)


circa 550 BCE

The ostracon was found in a First Temple era residential structure in an area now known as "the City of David". The house belonged to a person named "Ahiel" identified by a couple pieces of pottery, the remains of a storage jar on which his name was written.

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