The Aedicule

In the center of the Rotunda is the chapel called the Aedicule, which contains the Holy Sepulchre itself. The Aedicule has two rooms, the first holding the Angel's Stone, which is believed to be a fragment of the large stone that sealed the tomb; the second is the tomb itself.

Date Landscape Notes Reference
c. 30 CE The Edicule of the Tomb, has the layout of a tomb from the time of Jesus, formed by a passageway. It was rebuilt in 1808 CE after a fire. Covered by a flat roof with a small Russian-style dome at its center whose “onion” is supported by narrow columns.
c. 30 CE The Rotunda and the dome located in the centre of the Anastasis were only erected around the chapel circa 380 CE,
c. 30 CE The richly decorated facade of the Aedicule
c. 30 CE Looking directly in to the first chamber with the candle burning on the Angel's stone, believed to be a fragment of the large circular stone that sealed the tomb.
c. 30 CE The second chamber as seen from the entrance
c. 30 CE Fisheye view of the interior of second chamber
c. 30 CE During the recent opening for restoration from May 2016 to March 2017 of the tomb a conservator cleans the surface of the stone slab venerated as the final resting place of Jesus Christ inside the second chamber of the Aedicule.
c. 30 CE The side panels are decorated with inscriptions in Greek praising Jesus.
Latest Update: November 29, 2018

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