abu Bakr al-Siddique Mosque (Medina)

It is located at the south-western flank of the Prophet’s Mosque, near Masjid al-Ghamama. According to a tradition Muhammad prayed Al Eid prayer at this site, and abu Bakr after Him during His Caliphate, so it was attributed to Him. It was built-up for the first time in the Princedom of Omar Bin Abdul Aziz in Medinah (86-91 AH/705-709 CE), and it was renovated by the Ottoman Sultan Mahmoud II in 1254 AH/1838 CE

Date Landscape Notes Reference
c. 650 CE It is square shaped and the length of its side is nine meters. It was built by black basalt stones, and was painted white from inside with a dome above it whose height is 12m. It has a rectangular courtyard whose length is 13m and width is 6m , and a minaret which is 15m. high.
Latest Update: September 08, 2016